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Danish Polar Center Publication No. 11, 2003

Mummies in a new Millenium
Proceedings of the 4th World Congress on Mummy Studies.
Nuuk, Greenland, September 4th to 10th, 2001.

Edited by Niels Lynnerup, Claus Andreasen and Joel Berglund

Danish Polar Center Publications No. 11.
Copenhagen, Greenland National Museum and Archives, Danish Polar Center, 2003
208 pages. Price: 250 DKK. Download the entire publication as .pdf (13 Mb) Download cover as .pdf (796 Kb)
ISBN 87-90369-57-2

Arthur C. Aufderheide and the World Congress on Mummy Studies

Greenland and Arctic Archaeology
Claus Andreasen: Burials in Inuit Cultures in Greenland
Greenland and Arctic Mummies. A Symposium in Memory of J. P. Hart Hansen.
Niels Lynnerup: The Greenland Mummies
Tina Sørensen and Niels Lynnerup: The Mummies from Pisissarfik
David R. Hunt: Historical Background of the Aleutian Mummies at the Smithsonian Institution
Guido P. Lombardi and John Verano: New Orleans´ Aleut Mummy: A Unangan Hero?

Mummification Methods / Free Communications
Benardo Arriaza et al.: Radiological Studies of Six Chinchorro Statuette Mummies
Despina Moissidou: The Study of State of Preservation of Mummified Tissue from Later Period Mummies, through Histological, Histochemical and Immunological Techniques
Heikki S. Vourinen: The Origin of the Finns

Bog Bodies
Pia Bennike: Bodies and Skeletons from Danish Bogs. Do They Tell the Same Story?
Heather Gill-Robinson: Demographic Data of Bog Bodies
John Denton et al.: The Histological Investigation and Computerised Tomography Visualisation of the Peat Preserved Head of ”Worsley Man”
Pauline Asingh: The Grauballe Man. A Well-preserved Iron Age Bog Body. Old and New Examinations
R. C. Janaway et al.: Taphonomic Changes to the Buried Body and Associated Materials in an Upland Peat Environment: Experiments using Pig Carcasses as Human Body Analogues
Christian Fischer: The Tollund Man

Hair in Archaeology
Andrew S. Wilson et al.: Survival and Alteration – Experiments in Hair Degradation
D. Brothwell and G. Grime: The Analysis of the Hair of the Neolithic Iceman
J. C. Hansen and G. Asmund: Trace Elements in Historic Greenlandic Hairsamples
R. Casallas et al.: Trace Element Analysis of Ancient Hair: A Word of Caution
M. M. Castro et al.: Hallucinogenic Compounds Identification in Ancient Human Hair
Larry Cartmell et al.: The Predictive Value of Cocaine Hair/Visceral Tissue Ratios in Andean Mummies – A Pilot Study

Conservation and Museology
Eduard E. Vigl et al.: The Iceman Mummy in the Archaeology Museum of South Tyrol: Development of a New Method of Conservation
Isabel Collado Beneyto et al.: Spanish Scientific Pacific Expedition (1862-1866). Outfit of the “Chiu-Chiu” Mummies
E. Fulcheri et al.: Ancient Egyptian Mummies: Histological Examinations to Assess the Presence of Contaminants or Pollutants
Pauline Asingh: Death in the Museum. How Do We Handle the Exhibition of a Bog Body?
Joel Berglund: Problems Surronding the Repatriation, Collection and Displaying of Human Remains in Museums

C. Rodriquez-Martin and A. I. Llorens: Foot Pathology in Guanche Mummies from the Canary Islands (Spain)
Nicoletta Cerutti et al.: Perspectives on Malaria in Egyptian Remains from the Gebelen Site
Maria Jerziorska et al.: Use of Histo- and Immunological Methods to Investigate Cellular and Matrix Components in Tissue Samples from Egyptian Mummies
Guido P. Lombardi: Adolescent Pregnancy and Death: A Case from an Egyptian Mummy at Tulane University, New Orleans
Patrick Horne: Disease in Mummies from two Sites in Ancient Egypt
Katharina Dittmar et al.: Bone-pathologies in Peruvian Dog Mummies from the Moquegua Valley, Chiribaya Culture, Southern Peru, Determined by X-rays
Alana Cordy-Collins: Five Cases of Prehistoric Peruvian Gigantism

Applied Technology and Analytical Methods
Søren Nørby: DNA analysis - a tool to help reconstructing the past
M. Geoffrey Hayes et al.: Mitochondrial DNA Analyses of Dorset, Thule, Sadlermiut, and Aleut Skeletal Samples from the Prehistoric North American Arctic
Maria Victoria Monsalve et al.: mtDNA-analysis of Human Ancient Remains Found in a Glacier in Canada in 1999
Bo Simonsen et al.: The Qilakitsoq Mummies: Family Relations Reexamined by DNA-profile
Katharina Dittmar: Studies on Parts of the 28S rDNA on 1000-year Old Fleas (Pulex sp.) from Mummies of the Chiribaya Culture, Southern Peru
M. Spigelman et al.: The Hungarian Mummy Project
Frederico Cesarani et al.: Three-dimensional Volume Rendering with a Multislice Computed Tomography of Mummified Human Remains from the Egyptian Museum of Torino (Italy)
Caroline Wilkinson et al.: The Facial Reconstruction of Egyptian Mummies and Comparison with the Fayuum Portraits.
O. Gaber: The Ice Man. Preservation and Endoscopy

Mortuary Archaeology
Felipe Cardenas-Arroyo: A View from the Context of Death. Comments on South American Burial Practices and Archaeology
Calogero M. Santoro et al.: Prehistoric Burial Types, Political Interactionand Ethnic Boundaries in the South Central Andes
Jane E. Buikstra et al.: Chachapoyas and Inca Mummies: When Did Death Occur?
Sonia Guillen: Keeping Ancestors Alive: The Mummies fromLaguna De Los Condores, Amazonas, Peru
M. Polo-Cerda et al.: The Mummies from the Pantheon of the Kings of San Isidoro de León (Spain), 11th-13th Century, Bioanthropological and Paleopathological Notes
A. Rosalie David: The Tomb of Two Brothers at Rifeh, Egypt: Palaeopathological and Arcchaeological Studies
Maria Kaczmarek: Studies of Human Skeletal Remains from Mummified Burials at Saqqara

The Mummies from Mount Llullaillaco
Bob Brier: The Llullaillaco Mummies: A Perspective
Maria Constanza Ceruti: Archaeological Find of Three Frozen Mummies and Offerings at the Inca Ceremonial Complex on Mount Llullaillaco (Northwest Argentina)
Maria Constanza Ceruti: First Steps in the Recovery and Preservation of the Frozen Inca Mummies from Volcano Llullaillaco (Northwestern Argentina)
Thomas Besom: The Qhapaq Huchas of the Inka Empire
Carlos H. Previgliano et al.: Radiographic Studies of the Inca Mummies found on Mount Llullaillaco

Pia Bennike and Lone Hvass: Natually Mummified 17th to 19th Century Bodies from a Church in Elsinore, Denmark
M. Polo-Cerda et al.: Study of a Foetus Whose Death was Caused by Basiotrypsy, Found in Castelfabid (Valencia-Spain) in Partial State of Mummification
D. Brothwell: Ancient Well Preserved Bodies in the New Millenium