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MoG Man & Society vol. 7             Order this book on-line

M. Hauser & H.C. Petersen, 1985
Kalaallit inngerutaannik nipilersortarnerannillu immikkoortiterineq.
Klassifikation af traditionel grønlandske musik.
Classification of traditional Greenland music.

This classification of traditional Greenland music is based on a copious source material and on the authors dealing with the subject for many years. The classification includes eleven main groups and their subdivisions into various categories. Ten of the groups deal with traditional Greenland music, and one group concerns acquired Euro-American music. The most religious-ritual groups and categories have been placed first. For each category brief information is given about usage and performance. The introduction brings a survey of the history of traditional Greenland music, and its past and present importance to the society. An elaborate bibliography has been included. The classification is presented trilingually, in Greenlandic, Danish, and English.