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MoG Man & Society vol. 13              Order this book on-line

Birgitte Sonne, 1990
The Acculturative role of Sea Woman.
Early contact relations between Inuit and Whites as revealed in the Origin Myth of Sea Woman.
34 pp. 70 DKK.

Influence of the Whites through trade relations and collaboration with the Eastern Canadian Inuit made the latter alter their origin myth about Sea Woman. The Whites became incorporated into that myth together with elements of Christianity, and Sea Woman gained in religious significance. This happened prior to the establishment of Christian missions and was furthered by Sea Womans traditional role in myth as a mediator of the relationship of exchange between the Inuit and the sea mammals, and also between Inuit of various locales. The method used for substantiation combines structural analysis with ethnohistorical enquiry, and implications of this combination are discussed.