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MoG Bioscience vol. 52 2001              Order this book on-line

Studies on some Arctic and Baltic Astarte Species (Bivalvia, Molusca)
Godtfred Høpner Petersen
71 pages, 18 figures, 29 plates, 190DKK

Høpner Petersen, G., 2000. Meddelelser om Grønland, Bioscience 52, Copenhagen,
The Danish Polar Center, 2000. 71 pp.
Some species in the Arctic and Baltic Astarte - complexes have been
described or redescribed. From the Arctic A. borealis - complex: A. borealis
(Schumacher, 1817), A. jenseni n. sp., A. nuuki n. sp., A. moerchi n.sp., A.
sericea Posselt 1895. From the Arctic A. elliptica - complex: A. elliptica
(Brown, 1827), A. neocrassa n. sp., A. longa n. sp., A. vaigati n. sp. In
the Baltic Sea the former A. borealis- complex has been substituted by 6
species: A. bornholmi n. sp., A. silki n. sp., A. belti n. sp., A. fjordi n.
sp., A. falsteri n. sp., A. nordi n. sp. Part of the Baltic A. elliptica /
A. sulcata - complex is studied: A. elliptica (Brown, 1827), A. anholti n.
sp., A. klinti n. sp. and A. sulcata (da Costa 1778). A few notes on the A.
mon-tagui - complex and the A. crenata - complex have been added.
Keywords: Astarte, Arctic, Baltic Sea, bivalvia, mollusca, new names, new

Meddelelser om Grønland, Bioscience 52. Copenhagen 2001.
ISSN 0106-1054
ISBN 87-90369-43-2