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The umiak doubles as a tent in this traditional summer camp near Jakobshavn (Ilulissat).

No. 43433(22934)
Photo: A. Wegener
@Arctic Institute

The participants of the 'Danish Litterary Greenland Expedition' traveled 1902-04 the west coast of Greenland collecting traditional myths and stories.
(from left) Knud Rasmussen, Ludvig Mylius-Erichsen, Osaqaq og Jørgen Brønlund

No. 20549
@Arctic Institute

Alfred Wegener sends up a weather balloon on June 17 1907 at Danmarks Havn, the base camp of the 'Danmark Expedition'. Northeast Greenland

No. 6826
Photo: A. Wegener
@Arctic Institute

Crossing the ice cap of Greenland in 1913 Alfred Wegener and J.P. Koch used Icelandic horses on the first part of the journey. Photo shows the last remaining horse too weak to pull a sled.

No. 43464
Photo: A. Wegener
@Arctic Institute

Knud Rasmussen and Inûkitsok 1918

No. 8090
H. Lindows Collection
@Arctic Institute

Looking for muskoxen on the 'II Thule Expedition', initiated by Knud Rasmussen 1916-18.

No. 30392
Photo: Lauge Koch
@Arctic Institute

Naviatok navigates his dogsled between land and sea on the ice foot. The 'Danish Jubilee Expedition' traveled the north coast of Greenland from 1920-23.

No. 11510b
Lauge Koch Collection
@Arctic Institute