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Historical Events       Historical Events       Historical Events
The Danish King Christian X visiting Godthåb/Nuuk in 1921.

No. 31031
Photo: Nordisk Pressefoto
© Arctic Institute

Prime Minister (Statsminister) Thorvald Stauning at the Qullissat coal mine 1930.

No. 5428
Ministeriet for Grønlands Collection
© Arctic Institute

Colonel Charles Lindbergh and Mrs. Lindbergh say goodbye to Knud Rasmussen in Ammasalik harbour 1933.
Lef to right: Knud Rasmussen, manager Rassow, Captain A.H. Vedel, Mrs. Lindbergh and Colonel Lindbergh.

No. 47110
© Arctic Institute

The panel of judges at the International Court in den Haag, Holland, giving Denmark the rights to East Greenland in 1934.

No. 31077
© Arctic Institute

Celebrating the end World War II in Godthåb/Nuuk on May 5 1945.
The chief administrator (Landshøvding) in Greenland, Eske Brun, is in the center of the photo.

No. 23912
Photo: Finn Gad
© Arctic Institute

German prisoners on the deck of US Coast Guard Cutter Eastwind off the coast of East Greenland.

No. 30827,7
Photo: US Coast Guard
© Arctic Institute

US Coast Guard Cutter Eastwind
Sandodden Young Sund, 1944

No. 30827,5
Photo: US Coast Guard
© Arctic Institute

The grave of the Danish trapper Eli Knudsen, who died in battle with the Germans in Northeast Greenland.
Daneborg 1944

No. 30820,13
© Arctic Institute