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Polar Photos very new and very old

Polar Photos curates two different collections

  • a collection of contemporary photographs about Arctic research and logistics primarily in Greenland
  • and the Arctic Institute collection of historical photographs from 1860'ies to 1970'ies.
Historical photos
The oldest photographs in the Danish Arctic Institute photo collection are from 1860 and the newest from 1979. The main body of photographs depicts life in Greenland in the beginning of the 20th century. There are photographs from expeditions, cultural events, people and occupational life. If you click the "Showrooms" links you may view a small selection of the photos.

Contemporary photos
The core of this collection is photos from research in the National Park in North and East Greenland. If you click the "Showrooms" links you may view a small selection of the photos, or you may search the selection in full and order photographs on the net. It is possible to browse the collection using English or Danish keywords.

This collection is continously growing so please if you dont find what youre looking for. The collection is open for researchers by appointment