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The Polar Library

The Polar Library holds collections from the Danish Polar Center, the Department of Eskimology, Arctic culture, language and society, University of Copenhagen, as well as the Danish Arctic Institute. Together these collections comprise app. 37.000 items, incl. 24.000 monographs, 9.000 pamphlets, 3.000 analytical entries, and 750 periodicals of which 250 are current.

The library covers, in all languages, the major subject fields of the Arctic and to some extent the Antarctic. Particularly comprehensive is the material on Greenland, including one of the first descriptions of Greenland from the 17th century as well as the latest reports on politics, social conditions, education, mineral and oil resources, archaeological discoveries, etc.

The holdings include a large number of books in Greenlandic as well as a selection in other Inuit languages. The large collection of reports on expeditions in Greenland is also noteworthy.

The library holds collections of cd-roms, dvds and videos, which are for inhouse use only.

From the library’s computers there is access to the on-line database: Arctic and Antarctic Regions. There is also access to a wide range of electronic resources through the Royal Library web site ELEKTRA.

The Polar library is a public library open to anyone who wishes to make use of the collections and other facilities. Books belonging to the Danish Polar Center and the Arctic Institute may be checked out of the library, whereas periodicals and books belonging to the Department of Eskimology, Arctic culture, language and society are for in-house use only.

Photocopying facilities are available in the library.

Reference questions may be directed to the library by phone, fax, or e-mail.

Library no.: 851470
Library code: DPC