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The cover photo of this website is © of Magnus Elander.

This is what the original photo looks like.

Magnus took this photo on 17 August 1996 on a locality of 87.09° N / 140.49° E on the frozen Arctic Ocean approx. 300 km from the geographic North Pole while he was participating in a research cruise on the Swedish icebreaker "Oden".

The three 4 m high humps are part of a small pressure ridge with new drifting snow covering the piled-up old, perennial sea ice flows.

Turn the photo 90° clockwise

and an Inuit face profile now appears as carved in snow.

Turn the photo another 90 ° clockwise

and you will see a silhuetted, dark ridge line with the low winter sun behind, lighting the plumes of drifting snow from the windy shoulders of the mountain peaks

Turn the photo still another 90° clockwise

and you will see the profile of a child's face apparently with an icy droplet stuck just below the opening of the nose (something familiar to Northerners in sub-zero weather)

Magnus Elander is a professional Swedish photographer specialized in the Arctic.

Meet him at his website or