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Information on the Greenland Environment

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Maps and Images

 Greenland 1 (12Kb)  Greenland 2 (78Kb)  Greenland 3 (41Kb)

 Greenland 4 (64Kb)  Greenland 5 (11Kb)  Greenland 6 (6Kb)

 Greenland 7 (41Kb)

 Arctic region (78Kb)

AMAP's maps and images

Arctic Environmental Atlas

 Interactive map of Greenland

 Geological maps on Greenland

 Greenland before last Ice Age (51Kb)

 Protection of vegetation zones (42Kb)

 Various maps defining the Arctic region

 Elevation map of Greenland Ice Sheet (53Kb)

 GIS maps on Greenland renewable resources

 Digital elevation model of Greenland

 Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) maps

 International Bathymetric Chart for the Arctic Ocean

 SAR mosaic and elevation map of Greenland Ice Sheet

 Declassified satellite photos of Greenland - define coverage

Distribution maps (each 22 Kb)

 Arctic Cod  Arctic Ocean Bathymetry  Arctic Ocean Watershed
 Beluga (White Whale)  Black Guillemot  Caribou
  First Year Sea Ice  Fulmar  Land Vegetation  Narwhal
 Permafrost  Polar Bear  Ringed Seal   Sea Bottom Fauna 
 Sea Ice Flux  Sea Ice Minimum Maximum
 Sea Ice Thickness April  Sea Ice Thickness August 
 Selected Whales  Surface Ocean Currents  Water Salinity
 Thick-billed Murre  Walrus  Zooplankton