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The Ministry for Greenland Executive Order of 22nd February 1967 concerning travel to and in Greenland as amended by Executive Order of 21st May 1976

§ 1
Anyone may freely enter or leave Greenland, subject to those limitations laid out concerning foreigners' admittance to the country etc. and in pursuance of the executive order's provisions as well as the present regulation.

§ 2
Travellers arriving in Greenland from foreign countries, and who within the latest fortnight prior to arriving in Greenland have stayed in countries outside Europe, USA, Canada, the Azores, Madeira, the Canaries and Marocco and who are not considered sufficiently protected against smallpox by previously having had this disease, must upon request, show an internationally valid certificate for vaccination against smallpox.

§ 3
For entry and stay in the defense areas established in Greenland, in accordance with the signed agreement of 27th April 1951 as provided in the North Atlantic Treaty between the governments of Kingdom of Denmark and the United States of America regarding the defence of Greenland, the following rules apply:
a) Members of the participating forces under the North Atlantic Treaty, whose presence in the defence areas or other areas in Greenland are essential in connection with activity pursuant to the preceeding agreement or other NATO activities, may freely enter or leave the defence areas or other such areas in Greenland. The same applies to civilian personnel stationed from the United States of America by relevant military authorities or by a private company authorized by these, whose presence in the mentioned areas is equally essential, as well as relatives, cf. agreement between participants of the North Atlantic Treaty concerning forces status.
b) Furthermore, persons empowered by the Danish or American Government to have access to the defence areas, may freely enter and leave these. The same applies to travellers in transit, limited however to stop-overs or changing planes in the airport of Søndre Strømfjord.
c) For civilian personnel, sent by Denmark or other countries outside the United States of America, and whose presence in the defence reservations or other such areas, is of the litra a) said nature, access to the defence areas is conditional on approval by the Ministry for Greenland.
d) Other persons than those mentioned in litra a), b) and c), must, in order to gain access to the defence areas, in addition to any permission from relevant military authority, obtain approval from the Ministry for Greenland or subject to this ministry's authorization from other Danish State authorities, for each single trip to the areas.
Sect. 2. Access to other military installations in Greenland is subject to permission from relevant Danish military authority.

§ 4
Anyone wishing to carry out scientific research in Greenland, and anyone wishing to enter Greenland with the purpose of mountain climbing, glacier climbing, travelling across the inland ice or with the intent to carry out similar sport activities, must register with the Ministry for Greenland. The registration of scientific research projects and sport expeditions must state information on the intention of same, area of operation, number of participants including names and qualification, expected duration of stay and other such information the ministry moreover deems necessary. The ministry may in certain circumstances prohibit the carrying into effect of the project or expedition if it is deemed obviously reckless or violates the rights of the State or a third party. Registration of scientific research and of sport expeditions must be at hand at the latest 4 weeks before commencement of the project or expedition in Greenland.
Sect. 2. Collection of geological or archaeological material (including sub-fossilized driftwood, found in beach ridges), excavation or mapping may only be carried out with special permission from the Ministry for Greenland. Permission from the ministry for such activities can be made conditional upon the ministry being acquainted with the results of same. Dissertations, books and maps which may be published as a result of the mentioned activity can be requested by the ministry.
Sect. 3. Meteorites must be handed over to the relevant scientific institution in Denmark. Unless anything else has been agreed upon beforehand the same applies to objects of archaeological interest.
Sect. 4. In addition to those in sect. 1-3 stated conditions, the Ministry for Greenland may stipulate such further conditions as may be deemed expedient. Thus it may be determined that Danish scientific institutions must have access, in this country, for acquainting themselves with collections of a geological nature without disbursement for the institution concerned. Furthermore, it may be determined that, before departure, any individual expediton must provide the necessary security for covering expenses in Greenland, including any expenditure the Danish State may incur regarding rescue operations.
Sect. 5. Any new names for geographic localities in Greenland may not be brought in official publications without the approval of the Ministry for Greenland.

§ 5

Violation of this regulation is punishable by fine, abs.§ 117, sect. 3, in Criminal Law for Greenland no. 55 of 5th March 1954.

§ 6

The Executive Order will take effect as of 1st April 1967.
Sect. 2. Regulation no. 79 of 22nd March 1954 from The Prime Minister's Department, concerning travel to and in Greenland, as amended by regulation of 12th May 1961 and regulation of 16th July 1955 concerning permission to travel through the defence areas, are simultaneously rescinded.

The Ministry for Greenland, 22nd February 1967

Carl P. Jensen / H. Lassen

The Ministry for Greenland, 21st May 1976

Jørgen Peder Hansen / E. Lemche

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