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Greenland Home Rule Executive Order concerning Preservation of Arnangarnup Qoorua, Maniitsoq Municipality, West Greenland

In accordance with § 4 and § 9 of Act of Landsting no. 11 of November 12th 1980 concerning Nature Preservation, the following is determined:

§ 1
An area in Angujaartorfiup Nunaa around Arnangarnup Qoorua, bounded by map co-ordinates 66°30'N/51°37'W, 66°29'N/51°37'W, point 1040 m, point 949 m, map co-ordinates 66°27'N/51°20'W and map co-ordinates 66°32'N/51°07' W, is designated as a protected area, owing to its beautiful landscape and importance both culturally and scientifically.
Sect. 2. In the area specified in sect. 1, all plant and animal life is protected throughout the year.
Sect. 3. Ruins, graves and other prehistoric monuments are protected and may not be damaged or changed in any way.
Sect. 4. It is prohibited to gather any plants, antlers, skulls or relics and artifacts.

§ 2
Transportation in the protected area must be on foot.

§ 3
When staying in the protected area, the pitching of tents and the like must only take place in the designated areas.
Sect. 2. Using, for fuel, any form of vegetation, is prohibited.
Sect. 3. Lighting fires within 50 metres of willow scrub and other forest-like vegetation.is prohibited.

§ 4
It is prohibited to litter, deposit, bury or in any other manner leave material brought into the protected area.

§ 5
The Greenland Home Rule may, in consultancy with Maniitsoq Municipal Council, grant dispensation from the conditions set out in §§ 1 4.

§ 6
Notwithstanding the conditions laid down in this Act, permission to carry out pilot studies, investigations and exploitation of the mineral raw materials in the protected areas, may be granted, according to Act no. 844 of December 21st 1988 concerning natural raw materials etc. in Greenland.

§ 7
Violation of the conditions as set out in §§ 1 4 of this regulation, may result in fines being imposed.

§ 8
This regulation will take effect as of December 1st 1989 and coincident with this, Proclamation of Preservation of October 2nd 1984 concerning preservation of Angujaatorfiup Nunaa, is rescinded.

Greenland Home Rule
Nuuk, October 20th 1989

Jonathan Motzfeldt / Aqiqqsiaq Møller

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