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Order no. 11 of 25 April 2000 on conservation of the inner part of the Ikka Fjord, Ivittuut Municipality

In accordance with § 3, Sec. 1, no 2 and § 19 in "Greenland Parliament Law no. 11 of 12 November 1980 on Nature Preservation" the following is established:

§ 1
The inner part of Ikka Fjord in Ivittuut municipality is laid out as a preserved area in order to protect the so-called Ikka columns in the fjord. Because of their peculiar formation and mineral composition, the Ikka columns have scientific, educational, and recreational significance. The columns also serve as habitats for a very rich flora and fauna.
Sec. 2. The preserved area is outlined on the enclosed map and covers the Ikka Fjord from 61°11N to the bottom of the fjord.

§ 2
The public has access to the fjord and the Ikka columns provided that it can be done without disregarding the purpose of the preservation cf. § 1, Sec. 1.

§ 3
Within the preserved area vessels may not exceed 3 knots and may not have a draw exceeding 50 cm. Navigation within a range of 50 m from visible columns is permitted only for non-motorized vessels, kayaks etc.

§ 4
Within the preserved area it is prohibited to trawl for fish or using any other tool which could damage the Ikka columns.

§ 5
All kinds of activity capable of breaking down the Ikka columns, i.e. collection and physical breaking or cutting of the ikaite mineral in columns or as loose blocks on the bottom of the fjord are banned.

§ 6
It is prohibited to leave any kind of waste, markings, and scientific equipment within the preserved area.

§ 7
The Directorate of Environment and Nature has the authority to grant exemptions from the regulations in this Order pending specific application.

§ 8
Violators of the stipulations in §§ 3-6 may be fined.

§ 9
This Order takes effect at 15 May 2000.

The Greenland Home Rule Authority, 25 April 2000.

Alfred Jakobsen / Hans J. Høyer

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