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Greenland Home Rule Executive Order
concerning Bird Preservation in Greenland

In accordance with § 2, sect. 1 of Act of Landsting no. 11 of November 12th 1980 concerning Nature Preservation, it is established:

§ 1
The following species may be hunted outside their closed season as listed below: (* indicate that a special closed season applies in certain areas, see § 2).
Great Northern Diver (Gavia immer) June 1 - August 15.
Red-throated Diver (Gavia stellata) June 1 - August 15.
Northern Fulmar (Fulmarus glacialis) June 1 - August 15.
Great Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo) April 1 - September 30.
White-fronted Goose (Anser albifrons) May 1 - August 15 .
Pink-footed Goose (Anser brachyrhynchus) May 1 - August 15. *
Barnacle Goose (Branta leucopsis) May 1 - August 15. *
Mallard (Anas plathyrhynchos) May 1 - August 15.
Long-tailed Duck (Clangula hyemalis) May 1 - August 15.
Common Eider (Somateria mollisima) June 1 - September 30. *
King Eider (Somateria spectabilis) June 1 - August 15.
Red-breasted Merganser (Mergus serrator) June 1 - August 15.
Rock Ptarmigan (Lagopus mutus) June 1 - August 15.
Arctic Skua (Stercorarius parasiticus) June 1 - August 15.
Pomarine Skua ( Stercorarius pomarinus) June 1 - August 15.
Long-tailed Skua (Stercorarius longicaudus) June 1 - August 15.
Black-backed Gull (Larus marinus) June 1 - August 15.
Glaucous Gull (Larus hyperboreus) June 1 - August 15. *
Iceland Gull (Larus glaucoides) June 1 - August 15.
Black-legged Kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla) June 1 - August 15.
Little Auk (Alle alle) June 1 - August 15. *
Brünnich's Guillemot (Uria lomvia) March 15 - October 15. *
Common Guillemot (Uria aalge) March 15 - October 15. *
Black Guillemot (Cepphus grylle) June 1 - August 15.
Common Raven (Corvus corax) April 1 - June 30. *
Sect. 2. All other species of birds are unconditionally protected. It is prohibited to export a unconditionally protected species of bird from Greenland, this includes the conveyance from Greenland, with the intent of sending back in a conserved condition at a later date. The prohibition applies to live or dead birds, and includes frozen, dried or in any other manner conserved and dressed skins, mounted specimens, skulls or eggs.
Sect. 3. Birds of the unconditionally protected species, found dead, must be handed over to the police.

§ 2
In addition to the general closed seasons listed in § 1, sect. 1, the following special rules apply:
a. In Ittoqqortoormiit municipality, Pink-footed Goose and Barnacle Goose are out of season during June 1 - August 31, although along the ice edge, shooting birds of these species is permitted until July 1.
b. North of Kangaatsiaq municipality the Common Eider is out of season during June 1 - August 15.
c. North of Kangaatsiaq municipality, the Brünnich's Guillemot is out of season during June 1 - August 31.
d. In Avanersuaq and Ittoqqortoormiit municipalities it is permitted to shoot Glaucous Gull, Little Auk, Brünnich's Guillemot and Raven all year.
Sect. 2. Mass driving of flightless, moulting Common Eider, King Eider, Long-tailed Duck and also of White-fronted Goose, Pink-footed Goose and Barnacle Goose is prohibited.

§ 3
Any site where at least ten pairs of sea birds breed, is designated as a bird cliff.
Sect. 2. As long as the birds remain on the cliff, although in Avanersuaq and Ittoqqortoormiit municipalities this does not apply until June 1, it is prohibited to shoot or in an unnecessary manner bring forth noise within a set distance to the bird cliff of:
a. 5 km. If the bird cliff is inhabited by Brünnich's Guillemot, Guillemot, Razorbill, Black Guillemot, Little Auk, Kittiwake, Fulmar or Cormorant.
b. 200 m if the bird cliff is a small, more or less flat island inhabited by Common Eider, King Eider, Black Guillemot, terns or other gulls apart from the Kittiwake.

§ 4
Egg collecting is prohibited.
Sect. 2. However, it is permitted, until July 1, to collect eggs from Fulmar, Arctic Tern, Common Jaeger, Black-backed Gull, Iceland Gull, Glaucous Gull, Kittiwake, Black Guillemot and Little Auk. In Avanersuaq and Ittoqqortoormiit municipalities it is furthermore permitted to collect eider eggs and eiderdown, until June 25, and also eggs from Glaucous Gull and Raven all year.
Sect. 3. Such eggs as collected in accordance with sect. 2 may only be for personal consumption and may not be the object of commercial sale or the like.

§ 5
It applies for all bird species that it is prohibited to remove unfledged birds from the nest or its surroundings and to keep fledgelings captive. In Avanersuaq and Ittoqqortoormiit municipalities it is however, permitted to catch fledgelings of Little Auks.

§ 6
Hunting Brünnich's Guillemot and Guillemot is reserved Danish citizens with permanent residence in Greenland.
Sect. 2. Slain Brünnich's Guillemots and Guillemots may not be made the object of commercial business or trade, commercial production or commercial freezing and may only be the traded at the local open air market in the resident's home municipality.
Sect. 3. On application from a municipal council, the Home Rule government may grant permission, subject to further detailed conditions, for a limited commercial production in production plants placed in hamlets and outlying districts.
Sect. 4. Leisure- or hobby-hunters may only shoot a maximum of 10 guillemots per hunting trip and only for their own consumption. The bag may not be made the object of sale or the like.

§ 7
Slain birds can be used only for human consumption, unless permission for any other use is given by the Home Rule government. It is furthermore prohibited to commercially export slain birds or parts thereof.

§ 8
The use of speedboats for transportation (for hunting purposes) is permitted. Whilst hunting it is prohibited to pursue migrating birds, shoot birds on the wing or overtake them in such a way, that makes shooting considerably easier due to the speed of the boat.

§ 9
Aircraft, motor vehicles and snowmobiles may not be used for hunting purposes.
Sect. 2. In special circumstances a municipal statute may establish that snowmobiles may be used for transportation to and from a hunting area.

§ 10
Shotguns (up to 12 calibre), saloon rifles (.22 calibre) or ordinary rifles are permitted as hunting implements. It is prohibited to use semi- or fully automatic rifles and semi-automatic shotguns. "Pump guns" are permitted, insofar as they have been blocked so they can contain only two cartridges.
Sect. 2. The use of bow and arrow as well as kayak arrows (fowling spears) are permitted.
Sect. 3. The use of snares, traps (spring traps, gluecovered twigs, box traps etc.), springguns, live decoys, and poison or anaesthetic, is prohibited.
Sect. 4. When fowling, it is prohibited to set or use any form of nets (fishing nets, air nets or mist nets etc.) under water or in the air. However, in Avanersuaq and Ittoqqortoormiit municipalities, it is permitted to use hand nets (racket/landing nets) to catch Little Auk.

§ 11
Any landing or passage whatsoever during June 1 - August 31, on the following locations and within a distance of 500 m from these, is prohibited.
1. Lion Islands south of Qeqertat (Avanersuaq municipality)
2. Kuup apparsuit / Cape Shackleton, Upernavik municipality)
3. Torqussaq (Upernavik municipality)
4. Kingittuarsuk (Upernavik municipality)
5. Upernaviup apparsuit (Sanderson's Hope, Upernavik municipality)
6. Salleq (Uummannaq municipality)
7. Assissut (Brændevinsskær at Kronprinsens Ejland, Qeqertarsuaq municipality)
8. Nunatsiaq (Rotten at Hunde Ejland/The Rat at Dog Island, Aasiaat municipality)
9. Saattuarsuit ( at Grønne Ejland Kangaatsiaq, Kangaatsiaq municipality)
10. The fiord branch Tasiusarsuaq (east of Naternaq at Nordenskjölds Bræ, Kangaatsiaq and Qasigiannguit municipalities)
11. Appat (Ritenbenk, Ilulissat municipality)
12. Outer Kitsissut (Qaqortoq municipality)
At Upernaviup apparsuit (Sandersons's Hope) passage within the protection zone, during bad weather conditions, is permitted.

§ 12
In selected areas, warp fowling for eider is permitted, as a conservation measure of the breeding grounds of common eider.
Sect. 2. Regulations for passage, hunting, egg collecting etc. in a warp fowling area, and also the rights and duties of the warp fowler must be apparent in a municipal by-law.

§ 13
It is prohibited to import or release live birds of wild species, which do not belong to the natural fauna of Greenland.

§ 14
The Home Rule government may grant exemption from § 1, sect. 1-2, § 2, sect. 1 a-c, § 4, sect. 1-2, § 5, § 7, § 10, sect. 4, § 11 and § 13, for scientific and other purposes.

§ 15
Municipal statutes passed in accordance with this regulation, must be affirmed by the Home Rule government, before coming into effect.

§ 16
For violation of §§ 1-2, § 3, sect. 2, §§ 4-5, § 6, sect. 1, 2 and 4, §§ 7-8, § 9, sect. 1, § 10, sect. 1, 3 and 4, § 11 and § 13, a fine may be imposed and the confiscation of any bag. Fines revert to the State Treasury, whilst the confiscated reverts to the National Treasury.
Sect. 2. In cases of repeated offences, the hunting implement may be confiscated.
Sect. 3. The Home Rule government decides the disposal of the confiscated bag and those listed in § 1, sect. 3, birds found dead.

§ 17
This executive order takes effect as of October 16 1989 and at the same time Regulation no. of May 5 1988 concerning preservation of birds in Greenland, is rescinded.

Greenland Home Rule
Nuuk, September 19, 1989

Jonathan Motzfeldt / Aqiggsiaq Møller

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