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Liste over de projekter, der modtog bevilling fra KVUG i 2001

Projekttitel: TV udsendelsesrække om viden og forskning i Grønland
Bevillingshaver: Phd Tine Pars, Danmark
Bevilget beløb: kr. 37.000
Projektbeskrivelse: TV programs about knowledge and science in Greenland

Projekttitel: AV-formidlingsprojekt "Geologisk Skattejagt på Grønland"
Bevillingshaver: Anders Dencker Christensen, Danmark
Bevilget beløb: kr. 100.000
Projektbeskrivelse: I samarbejde mellem GEUS, Dansk AV produktion og DR er det aftalt at producere et pilotprojekt, der skal munde ud i to undervisningsrelevante udsendelser a 15 min. til DR undervisning. Pilotprojektet skal vise både de afventende og de potentielle bidragydere at "Geologisk Skattejagt på Grønland" har masser af faglig substans, og at fuldskalaprojektet har potentiale til at blive seværdigt, lødigt og interessant fjernsy. Pilotprojektet skal vise temaet "at kortlægge og aldersbestemme udvalgte bjergmassiver omkring Diskobugten".

Projekttitel: Oprettelse af Upernaviarsuks fårehold i det danske fåreregistreringsprogram til fremme af fåreavls arbejdet i Grønland
Bevillingshaver: Jens Østergaard, Grønland
Bevilget beløb: kr. 51.750
Projektbeskrivelse: To make the breeding program for the Greenlandic sheep population more effective. I wish to set up a demonstration herd of sheep in the Danish developed breeding registrationprogram. The research station Upernaviarsuk do have the pedigree - and production information for its sheep herd since 1992. If I set up all these data in the Danish computerprogram in 2001, I will then be able to do some PR to get more farmers to register, so the benefits can start already next year. This breeding program can help the Greenlandic sheep farmers to oblige the consumers demand for a less fat containing lamb carcass.

Projekttitel: Insekter og smådyr i Grønland
Bevillingshaver: Inger Hauge, Grønland
Bevilget beløb: kr. 30.000
Projektbeskrivelse: Layout and printing of the book "Insekter og smådyr i Grønland". (Insects and animalcules in Greenland) written by Jens Böcher.
Projekttitel: Workshop om Økosystem Vestgrønland
Bevillingshaver: Afdelingsleder Helle Siegstad, Danmark
Bevilget beløb: kr. 93.000
Projektbeskrivelse: The workshop "Ecosystem West Greenland" will be held in Nuuk in November 2001. The workshop aims to build the basis for a larger, long-term research program, building on and enhancing the existing partnership with Denmark and other Northern countries. Objectives that have been identified of particulate interest in preliminary discussions are, e.g. 1) The causes of actual low biomass of major fish stocks, in particular cod 2) the trophic interactions between fish, crustaceans, marine mammals and seabirds 3) the role of the snow crab in the benthic ecosystem.

Projekttitel: Formidling af resultater fra undersøgelse af dialekter i S.V. grønland
Bevillingshaver: Birte Hedegaard Christensen, Danmark
Bevilget beløb: kr. 10.550
The aim of this project is to describe and analyse the substitution of the phoneme /i/ for /u/ in the dialect spoken in Southern West Greenland, and to present the results in both Danish and Greenlandic, thereby contributing to the development of Greenlandic terminology in the field of linguistics.

Projekttitel: Tre kvinder
Bevillingshaver: Professor Marianne Stenbæk, Canada
Bevilget beløb: kr. 38.524
Projektbeskrivelse: Greenland is both a very old country and a very new one. The last century has seen unprecedented changes that have taken Greenland from living in pre-modern and colonial conditions to being a vibrant and dynamic modern nation now assuming its rightful place within the Danish Realm and in the global community. The proposed project will describe and analyze this transition through the personal stories of three greenlandig women from one family: Maria Rosing (90 years), Ane Sophie Rosing (early 50s) and Najaaraq Rosing (19 years). The book will essentially consist of their stories as told in semi-structured interviews in a chronological order from colonial times to contemporary Greenland. The book will also contain an introduction and conclusion that will comment on and analyze the interviews as well as provide a cultural, social and historical context.

Projekttitel: Udviklingen i Vestgrønlændernes sundheds- og sygdomsopfattelse i perioden ca. 1800 til ca. 1930
Bevillingshaver: Mette Rønsager, Danmark
Bevilget beløb: kr. 20.000
Projektbeskrivelse: The project is to print a final dissertation made at the Institute of Eskimology, spring 2001. The dissertation treats the Westgreenlanders perception of health and illness as they during the 18th century get in contact with the Danish medical staff. A meeting between two different kinds of medical knowledge and knowhow and perception of the human body and mind. The dissertion gives an account of the development of a health care system based on western medical tradition, healthcare politics, the state of the health among the Greenlanders and the work of the Danish as wall as the Greenlandic medical staff etc.


Projekttitel: Formidling. Arbejdsmøde til færdiggørelse af artikler om autopsy- og osteoropose
Bevillingshaver: Speciallæge, cand. med., Gert Mulvad, Grønland
Bevilget beløb: kr. 42.000
Projektbeskrivelse: During 10 years the Greenlandic Autopsy project have been the focus in a scientific network between Center of Primary Health Care in Nuuk and Universities in USA, Canada and Denmark. Project planning, Presentations and Articles writing have been the most important part of the yearly workshop between the Universities. 5 articles from the autopsy and osteoporrosis project are planned to be finished this year. New projects have been developed, and a PhD studie have been finished. A close coorporation between Center of Arctic Environmental Medicine and the Center of Primary Health have been established. Scientific and popular communication using papers, homepage, public presentation are planned.

Projekttitel: Afholdelse af netværksseminar for sundhedsforskning i Grønland
Bevillingshaver: Professor, dr.med. Peter Bjerregaard, Danmark
Bevilget beløb: kr. 75.000
Projektbeskrivelse: Health research seminar. The participants in the seminar will consist of active health researchers from Greenland and Denmark who will present and discuss their ongoing and planned research. The seminar will have a strong component of education for young researchers. Details of the program will be worked out interactively with the participants.

Projekttitel: Udvikling i sygelighed i et samfund i forandring
Bevillingshaver: Afdelingslæge, Ph.d., Anders Koch, Danmark
Bevilget beløb: kr. 23000
Projektbeskrivelse: Since 1996 the Department of Epidemiology at Statens Serum Institut has carried out a number of population based studies of respiratory tract infections among children, other infectious diseases and allergy in Sisimiut. Currently the department is involved in a large study of morbidity in a changing society. The aims of the proposed travel to Nuuk and Sisimiut for researchers from the Department of Epidemiology Research are to meet with representatives from the Greenlandic Health Authorities and local researchers in order to form collaborative networks, and to present to the population in Sisimiut the results of previous studies.Samfundsvidenskabelig

Projekttitel: Del af: "Den levende ret i Grønland 1950-2000"
Bevillingshaver: Professor Torben Agersnap, Danmark
Bevilget beløb: kr. 23.800
Projektbeskrivelse: Ajourførende dataindsamling til Living Law in Greenland 1950-2000.

Projekttitel: Den industrielle udvikling i microsamfundene i den Nordatlantiske Rim
Bevillingshaver: Jens Kaalhauge Nielsen, Danmark
Bevilget beløb: kr. 25.000
Projektbeskrivelse: The aim of the project is to establish elements to a comparative analysis of the industrial and social conditions of marginalized microsocieties around the North Atlantic Rim. The project include a research trip to Cape Breton, Prince Edward Island & Halifax as a part of the Canadian "Fraction" of the North Atlantic Rim. The general idea is to investigate how marginalized microsocieties are coping with the challenge of modernity, since all the societies around the Atlantic Rim can be seen as originally natural ressource-based societies which in various ways are embarking on the complicated, unique journey toward a knowledge-based economy.

Projekttitel: Netværksopbygning for kvinde- og kønsforskning i Grønland
Bevillingshaver: Mette-Astrid Jessen, Danmark
Bevilget beløb: kr. 12.335
Projektbeskrivelse: Research and publication on the topic of women and gender in Greenland has up until now been very limited, and has not related to a postcolonial context. Networkbuilding between researchers in Denmark and Greenland, will be necessary to create a Greenlandic foundation for this field of research. Two researchers from The Greenland National museum and Archives will begin the networkbuilding by taking part in two seminars on the subject and visit relevant institutions in Greenland.

Andre projekter
Projekt titel: Deltagelse i 7. årlige møde i European Association of Archaelogists 19.-23. September 2001
Bevillingshaver: Museumsinspektør, mag.art., Joel Berglund, Grønland
Bevilget beløb: kr. 25.000
Projektbeskrivelse: During the session "Managing the Archaeological Record and the Cultural Heritage" I will give a paper on the management of the cultural heritage in Greenland, visions, goal and reality. Apart from this I intend to participate in a postconference tour visiting monuments in the vicinity.

Projekttitel: Afholdelse af phd-kurset Change and Dynamics in the Arctic i Nuuk forår 2002
Bevillingshaver: PhD Søren T.Thuesen, Danmark
Bevilget beløb: kr. 100.000
Projektbeskrivelse: IPSSAS, an international school for Ph.D. students from the humanities for the studies in Arctic Societies, was founded in Nov. 2000 in Copenhagen by a number of universities and research institutions in Greenland, France, Denmark and Canada with the purpose of organizing every year one course (estimated duration: two weeks) for Ph.D. students and qualified Master's students. The decision was made to hold the first Ph.D. course in 2002 in Greenland and that the topic should be "Change and Dynamics in the Arctic". The course will be open to 10-15 students from the above mentioned countries and from relevant research institutions in Alaska and Europe (including Russia).

Projekttitel: Deltagelse i arbejdsgruppe "Kvantitative Økkosystemindikatorer for Fiskeriforvaltningen"
Bevillingshaver: Dr. Astrid Jarre, Grønland
Bevilget beløb: kr. 25.000
Projektbeskrivelse: Funding is sought for the participation in the first meeting of the new SCOR/IOC Working Group 119 "Quantitative Ecosystem Indicators for Fisheries Management" in Reykjavik in October 2001, as a working group member. The Working Groups seeks to evaluate changes in marine ecosystems from environmental, ecological and fisheries perspectives. Participation in the meeting will secure that 1)
the particularities of Arctic marine ecosystems are brought to the attention, and represented in the discussions of the Working Group 2) the result of these discussions in a truly international forum are feed back to Greenland in a fast and efficient way

Projekttitel: Deltagelse i Nordiske Konference om Medier og Kommunikations forskning, samt netværksmøde for børn, unge og medier
Bevillingshaver: Adjunkt, mag.art. og cand.mag. Jette Rygaard, Danmark
Bevilget beløb: kr. 25.000
Projektbeskrivelse: Participation as chairman, presenter of paper at the 15th Nordic Conference on Media and Communication Research, Reykjavik 11. 12th August 2001 plus network meeting for CYM (Children, Youth and Media). The session 12 I am chairman of has the theme of. 'Children, adolescents and the media' and is the meeting place for members of CYM. I will be presenting a paper with the title: 'The role of media in identity building among Greenlandic children and youth.'

Projekttitel: 4th World Congress on Mummy Studies
Bevillingshaver: Direktør Emil Rosing, Grønland
Bevilget beløb: kr. 30.000
Projektbeskrivelse: 4th World Congress on Mummy studies. The 30.000 kr. will be used to sponsor a Canadian scientist, who has new DNA information on a mummy found on a glacier in Northern Canada.

Projekttitel: Præsentation af paper på ICASS IV
Bevillingshaver: Joan Nymand Larsen, Canada
Bevilget beløb: kr. 10.000
Projektbeskrivelse: Paper to be presented at the IV ICASS Congress in Quebec City, May 16-20. "A macroeconomic timeseries analysis of economic deptendency in Greenland, 1950-1998". This paper presents a macroeconomic timeseries analysis of external dependence in the Greenland economy since the 1950s and implications for economic growth. First, it measures the degree of selected indicators of trade, financial and technological dependence, and draws conclusions about the level of external dependence in Greenland. Second, an empirical analysis is undertaken to test hypotheses about the effect of external dependence on economic growth in Greenlands post-colonial history.

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