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There is only general delivery of mail in Kangerlussuaq. KISS has its own mail box at the post office (situated in block L) adjacent to the airport hotel building.

The post office opening hours are: Monday - Friday 9 - 15. Saturday and Sunday closed. However, mailboxes are available for checking at all times.

The correct mailing address to anyone at KISS is:

P.O. Box 109
DK-3910 Kangerlussuaq

Mail box 109 will be emptied once a day Monday - Saturday by the KISS manager and your mail will be available for personal pick-up in the KISS building.

If you would like to have your mail forwarded to your field camp you will have to arrange this with the KISS manager prior to your field period. Delivery of mail to field camps will depend entirely on the availability of reliable connections from Kangerlussuaq to your camp(s), e.g. visits by boat, chartered helicopter, or fixed-wing aircraft, and will be on a 'space available basis'.

Please note that you can be reached also by e-mail at:

At the upper floor of the KISS building (in the corridor next to the kitchen and lounge) is a phone for incoming calls. The same phone can be used for outgoing calls too, but only to local five digit numbers within the Kangerlussuaq area. The KISS manager has a separate phone line (#76452) in the manager office downstairs.

A telefax is located in the 'Photocopy & Computer' room (# 102) at the ground floor. This fax machine is open for incoming telefaxes for KISS residents. If you want to use the telefax for outgoing communication, just contact the manager, and the price for sending your material will be added to your KISS bill, payable when you leave Kangerlussuaq.

In the side entrance corridor, adjacent to room 112, is a wall-hanged pay phone accepting Danish 1, 5, and 10 kroner coins. This phone can be used for long distance, incl. international, calls (if you have enough coins !). A good way to use this phone for you is to pay for a quick call to ask the other person to call back at the pay phone number (84 14 73) when you hang up.

You may opt to use the calling card alternative from any telephone with access to areas outside Kangerlussuaq. Payphones will have to be fed one initial 10-kroner coin to provide a dial tone for you to enter the toll-free number. Consult your specific calling card to check whether its service does include Greenland.

KISS telephone, local calls: 76451
KISS telephone, long distance calls:  (+299) 841107, enter 76451
KISS manager's telephone: (+299) 841107, enter 76452
KISS payphone, long distance calls: (+299) 841473
KISS telefax: (+299) 841472

To initiate an outgoing international call dial or enter 00 followed by the country code, area code and phone number.

All rooms and offices are equipped with a European standard telephone plug-in socket so you can establish your own independant telephone line and number if you so wish. Just contact the TELE Greenland staff in Kangerlussuaq (+299 841056) to get a quote on costs and conditions. The current fee is DKK 1350 to establish a six digit number, you will also have to cover the cost of DKK 590 for a standard telephone as well as an additional monthly fee, currently DKK 131.

You may not bring your own voice telephone as TELE Greenland has the monopoly to sell plug-in phones. However, you may bring your own telefax machine to KISS; just make sure that your telefax equipment is of a type officially approved by the Danish Telecommunication Directorate.

You may choose to use your own portable cellular phone at KISS. Before you can access any number via satellite links to Europe and North America you must establish contact to TELE Greenland (press *10#). Please note, that both the GSM-900 and the NMT-900 system are in operation in Greenland, and the Kangerlussuaq area is covered by both systems. See coverage map for the cellular phone systems. If you are a Danish NMT-900 customer the use of your portable phone while in Kangerlussuaq will be billed via the 'TELE Danmark Mobil' at the address already provided by you to this company. If you are a NMT-900 customer from outside the Danish realm you will receive the bill for using the portable phone in Greenland directly at the address you provide to TELE Greenland.

Visiting GSM-subscribers from abroad may use their GSM-900 telephone in Greenland provided that TELE Greenland has established a roaming agreement with the operator at which the GSM-900 user is a costumer. If this is the case, your GSM-900 telephone can be used right away at localities in Greenland where GSM-900 coverage is available. See coverage map and info.

In Kangerlussuaq further information on telephone services is avalaible at the Post & Tele Shop.

KISS has a modem-based satellite link to the Internet. The address is (please note that address is case sensitive). To cover the direct expenses the per-minute-charge for internet use is currently 1 DKK. Sending e-mails are free. Ask the KISS manager for details.

Ordinary e-mail usage is free, but in case you or your project has a need to transfer large amounts of data frequently you should contact the KISS manager to arrange for an individual solution.

The Internet is accessed through a dedicated PC located in room 102 opposite the manager's office at the ground floor. Please note that the e-mail address at the KISS Manager's office is

You are welcome to use the Kangerlussuaq bus system. The busses run according to posted schedules, primarily on the paved road system between the southern and northern part of Kangerlussuaq and mainly within normal working hours. However, the bus service is also available in 'off-duty' hours, but at a lower frequency. After 20.00 a taxi can be requested at phone number 9.

You will need one ticket for every ride in the bus. Tickets (DKK 20) and 10-ride punch cards (DKK 180) can be purchased at the reception counter of the airport hotel or from the KISS manager. You can also opt to pay DKK 20 cash per ride to the driver directly. 

The 'Butikken' (general store) is located in Block M just north of the airport hotel. Opening hours are Monday - Thursday 9.00 - 17.00, Friday 9.00 - 18.00, Saturday 10.00 - 13.00, Sunday closed.

You can buy fresh, canned, frozen, dried and freeze-dried foods for household use as well as for field use. In case you need large quantities of special items you are recommended to contact the store manager well in advance to learn the terms of payment and delivery.

The 'Polar Bear Inn' (three blocks down the road from KISS) is the Kangerlussuaq staff's cafeteria and dining facility. To get meals at the dining hall you will have to purchase meal tickets, sold by the KISS manager or at the counter in the dining hall. With any meal all types of juice, milk and non-bottled soft drinks are included, whereas beer and other bottled beverages must be purchased separately. The ticket price is DKK 50 for breakfast, DKK 75 for lunch and DKK 75 for dinner.

Dining hall meal hours are: Breakfast 06.30 - 09.00, lunch 11.30 - 13.30 (weekends 11.30 - 13.00), dinner 17.00 - 18.30.

In Block A, the airport hotel building, a large cafeteria, catering primarily to hotel guests, is open to everyone all days from 06.30 to 21.30. The cafeteria kitchen closes at 20.30 for preparations of hot meals. You can get breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages. Take-home orders can also be arranged (phone 11104). Only Danish currency, Dankort, or Danish bank cheques are excepted as payment.

Adjacent to the cafeteria in the airport hotel complex is a restaurant where you can experience Greenlandic and international cuisine and professional service. The restaurant accepts AmericanExpress, Dankort, Diners Club, Eurocard, MasterCard, Visa, as well as Danish bank cheques. Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 18.00 - 0.00. The kitchen closes at 21.30. You may book a table at phone 11105.

You can choose to enlist as an active member of the rowing club and thereafter, during summer, use the various club vessels free of charge. The club house is on the shore of Tasersuatsiaq (or 'Lake Ferguson', as the utility water lake is known colloquially) c. 2 km south of 'downtown' Kangerlussuaq.

The KISS building has its own laundry machines on the top floor, but should you desire to let someone else do your laundry, just deliver your dirty clothes at the laundry shop in building 576 (across the street from KISS). Please ask for a price list. The laundry shop's opening hours are: Monday - Friday 6.00 - 14.30.

Kangerlussuaq hosts a public library with non-scientific literature in Danish and Greenlandic. The library is located in Block Y next to the school and you may read Danish and Greenlandic newspapers and check out books for up to one month. The library service is free of charge. Opening hours are Monday 16-18, Wednesday 13.30-15.30 and Thursday 15-18. The librarian may be reached within the above hours at phone 841401.

In the KISS building a modest scientific library is found at the ground floor. Selected periodicals and books as well as reprints and reports on research themes pertinent to the Kangerlussuaq region are being made available for in-house use only. Contact the KISS manager if you have any questions or comments relating to the KISS library.

Please note, that it is recommended that any researcher visiting KISS donate literature to the KISS library. Donations must be registered and stamped in the manager's office (room 101) before entering the shelves of the library. Reports and reprints that are otherwise difficult to obtain and that are dealing with subjects pertinent to the region will be especially appreciated. 

In building 494, opposite the dining hall, you will find the bowling facilities with six lanes and the required equipment. The use of these facilities must be booked; call phone 79810. Opening hours are Monday-Thursday 17-22, Saturday-Sunday 12.30-18, Friday closed. The hourly fee for use of one lane and equipment is DKK 80. Next to the lanes a small snack bar sells beverages and toasts.

Most winters offer sufficient snow conditions to allow snowmobiling in the terrain. Kangerlussuaq has a snowmobile club and the members arrange recreational tours in the adjacent region. You may contact the club, phone 71026, and arrange to go along on a trip. Should you need to use one or more snowmobiles for transport tasks in relation to your fieldwork you are recommended to contact the club to learn about possibilities of renting snowmobiles and sledges.

Kangerlussuaq hosts a small aero club with one single-engine fixed-wing aircraft. If you have a pilot's certificate and register as an active club member you may be allowed to rent the aircraft for local trips. You can also register as an ordinary club member and enjoy the landscapes from above as passenger if you arrange with one of the club pilots to take you on a flight. There is a seasonal membership fee and an hourly fee when using the aircraft. Please note that the club is not a charter company. For more info, please call the club chairman at phone 841176.

The former 'Sondrestrom Air Base Headquarters' building south of the airport control tower now hosts a small museum with very seeworthy displays on the military history (1941 -1992) of the US 'Sondrestrom Air Base' , the civilian aviation history of the airport and of Greenland in general as well as the archaeology and fauna of the region. The opening hours vary. Ask the KISS manager for details. Admission fee is DKK 20.

As a guest in Greenland you are required to buy a sport fishing licence if you want to do any fishing. The only fish species available in this region for sport fishing in freshwater is Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus). The licence is for sale at the police office (located in Block G) as well as at the Greenland Tourism counter and office in the airport hotel building. You can choose between a sport fishing licence valid for one month (DKK 200) or a licence valid for three months (DKK 500).

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