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Guide for Project and Expedition Planners
part 8

All pertinent forms are available as Word.doc and Word.rtf documents as well as in .pdf format.

Bio-medical projects
If you are planning to launch a medical, physiological, anthropological, or similar project in Greenland and to involve humans as study objects, your project plans will have to pass a scientific, ethical evaluation prior to issuing a permit.

As a leader of a planned bio-medical project you must submit, together with the standard application form, a number of specific information sheets. Please for further information. Be aware of the special deadline.

Sampling permit
If your plans call for sampling of geological samples or fossils you must have a specific permit to do so, and the items must be collected only to the extent stated in the permit. If you find a meteorite it must be reported to the Greenland National Museum & Archive as well as to the Geological Museum and the meteorite must be handed over to the latter immediately upon return from Greenland. Your plans for geological sampling must also be assessed by the Greenland Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum and if your planned sampling is deemed to be a commercial usage in relation to the mineral resources in Greenland the Bureau will initiate a special permit process with you. Application form.

Archaeological or historical artifacts or samples may not be collected by any project or expedition unless a specific written permit to do so has been obtained from the Greenland National Museum & Archive. Furthermore, excavation of any historic or pre-historic structure is prohibited unless you have a specific, written permit issued by the Greenland National Museum & Archive. Application form.

Collection of birds (incl. eggs) or mammals can take place only to the extent stated in a specific permit to do so. Ringing, banding, immobilizing, and tagging of fish, birds or mammals as well as biological samples from the Greenland National Park also require a specific permit from the Greenland Home Rule. Application form.

Launching permit
Research projects involving instruments to be carried by balloons or to be launched by rockets must submit a completed special NOTAM form to the Danish Civil Aviation Administration and await a permit from the DCAA.

Landing permit
If your project or expedition plans to involve the use of airfields or airports in Greenland the aircraft operator chartered by the project or expedition is required to apply for permission to land in accordance with the 'Aeronautic Information Publication (AIP) for Greenland and the Faroe Islands'.

Sport fishing license
As a guest in Greenland you are required to buy a sport fishing license if you want to do any freshwater or saltwater fishing with rod and tackle or with jig line. The only fish species available for sport fishing in freshwater is Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus). The license is for sale at the municipal office or the tourist office in any town. However, in Kangerlussuaq you may also buy the license at the local police office. You can choose between a license valid for one month (DKK 200) or a licence valid for three months (DKK 500). If you wish to go hunting as well, you will have to buy a hunting trip through one of the authorized trophy hunting companies in Greenland. Upon your stay in Greenland you are kindly requested to mail the complete harvest form (found on the back of the license) to:
Greenland Home Rule, Ministry of Industry, Dept. of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture, P. O. Box 269, DK-3900 Nuuk, Greenland.

Sport hunting license
As a guest in Greenland you can go hunting only if you have bought a hunting trip from one of the authorized trophy hunting companies in Greenland and are actually part of the organized hunting trip / hunting camp.
Read the pertinent legislation.

If you are planning to harvest any birds or mammals in Greenland for purely scientific purposes you may obtain a dispensation from the Greenland Government to do so, pending your submission of an explanatory letter about your special case, to:
Greenland Home Rule, Ministry of Industry, Dept. of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture, P. O. Box 269, DK-3900 Nuuk, Greenland.

CITES export permit
The Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) also covers the endangered mammal and bird species present in Greenland; these include all whales, Walrus, Polar Bear, Arctic Wolf, Gyrfalcon, Peregrine Falcon, White-tailed Sea Eagle and Snowy Owl.

Whole animals, parts thereof and any product made of any part of an animal protected by CITES can be exported (i.e. removed) from Greenland only if you obtain a special CITES export permit to do so.

Greenland Home Rule, Ministry of Environmental and Natural Resources, is the authority that issues CITES export permits for Greenland. Please note that CITES import permits to Greenland are issued by the Danish CITES authority, the National Forest and Nature Agency.

§25 permit
According to § 25 of the "Executive Order no. 7 of 17 June 1992 from the Greenland Home Rule Authority concerning the National Park in North and East Greenland" (as amended by Executive Order no. 16 of 5 October 1999) a permit to preliminary investigation, exploration, and exploitation of mineral resources in the National Park can be granted in accordance with the stipulations mentioned in the "Law of Mineral Resources in Greenland", pending comments from the "Directorate of Environment and Nature" concerning special stipulations relating to the individual permit. For any publicly authorized institution operating within the National Park, stipulations are issued in a similar way.

Foreign vessels in territorial waters
If you are planning a project or an expedition that will use a state owned vessel, registered in a foreign country (i.e. any other country than Denmark), to access Greenland territorial waters (i.e. closer than 200 nautical miles seawards of the baseline) the owner of the ship is required to submit all plans for voyage via the diplomatic channels to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to apply for an entry permit. The vessel must not enter Greenland territorial waters without a specific permit to do so.

Please note that a research project or a sport expedition operating onboard a vessel closer than 3 nautical miles from the baseline is considered a land-based activity, and treated as such.

Updated list of participants
It is a requirement for the project or expedition leader to secure that the Danish Polar Center receives an updated list of participants in the planned project or expedition regardless of when and where the change of participants takes place. A correct knowledge of which persons are where at what time is vital for all parts if a life-threatening situation should arise and a SAR or an evacuation action is initiated.

Send the updated list to:
Danish Polar Center
Strandgade 100 H, DK-1401 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Phone +45 3288 0111 |  Fax +45 3532 0101  | 

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