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Sport Expeditions in Greenland 1999

Sport expeditions about which the Danish Polar Center has obtained information and which have taken place during 1999 in Greenland. They are listed in chronological order below.

For information on how to plan and implement a sport expedition in Greenland, please see the Planning Guide.

Danish X Greenland Expedition 1999
Gregers Gjersøe
01/04/99 - 15/06/99

The purpose is to carry through the first Danish male expediton crossing the Ice Cap.

Trans Antarctic Expedition 2000
Sunniva Sorby
19/05/99 - 22/06/99

The Trans-Antarctic Expedition 2000 is a 1676 mile crossing in Oct. 2000. The Greenland trip is a training for ski, use slegs or sails + test equipment and systems prior to Antarctica. Our goal is to make a safe crossing from the East to West, as well as we will document with still photos, email and digital video.

Staro-Ekspedisjonen 1999
Tore Haugen
23/04/99 - 23/05/99

The aim of the expedition is to cross the Greenland ice cap in a safe and secure way. We want to see nature, enjoy skiing, being together and not least the feeling when it is all achieved.

GT - 99
Franz Midttun
01/04/99 - 01/05/99

The aim of the expedition is to cross the inland ice from Isortoq in east to Sondre Stromfjord in west by means of ski and without any kind of motorized support or further supply.

Supernova Expeditions
John Apps
United Kingdom
20/08/99 - 25/08/99

Vessel is fully certified for passenger cruising and is equipped with a hospital and has all required safety features.

Professor Molchanov - Arctic 99 Greenland
Cees Van der Doe
The Netherlands
28/09/99 - 08/09/99

The Russian motor vessel Professor Molchanov will sail along the South-East coast of Greenland, with max 56 passengers and 4 staff, incl. naturalist guides. Some landings are planned at Scoresbysund, Sydkap, Jameson Land and Ammassalik area.

Professor Molchanov - Arctic 99 Greenland
Cees Van der Doe
The Netherlands
08/09/99 - 18/09/99
The Russian motor vessel Professor Molchanov will sail along the South - East coast of Greenland, with 56 passengers and 4 staff, incl. naturalist guides. Some landings are planned at the Ammassalik area, Tingmiarmiut, Skjoldungen, Herjolfsnes and Unartog.

Professor Molchanov - Arctic 99 Greenland
Cees Van der Doe
The Netherlands
17/08/99 - 28/08/99

The Russian motor vessel Professor Molchanov will sail along the North East coast of Greenland, with 56 passengers and 4 staff, incl. naturalist guides. Some landings are planned at Myggebugten, at Kaiser Franz Joseph Fjord, Traill Ø, Antarcticahavn, Scoresby Sund Fjord, Sydkap, Jamesonland and Blosseville.

Oceanwide Expeditions / Victor Bonitsky
Rinie van Meurs
The Netherlands
30/08/99 - 06/09/99

The Russian motor vessel Victor Bonitsky will sail along the North East coast of Greenland with 28 passengers and 3 staff, incl. Naturalist guides. Some landings are planned at Myggebugten, at Kaiser Franz Joseph Fjord, Traill Ø, Antarctica havn, Scoresby Sund Fiord, Sydkap. Jameson Land.

Jytte 1999
Stein P Aasheim
21/08/99 - 27/08/99

Sailing trip with own 17 feet zodiac registered in Mestersvig.

G 99
Fred Stoeckler
19/08/99 - 10/10/99

Polar Expedition, Greenland acrossing 1999.

Ekspeditionen Sirius 2000
Jeppe Handwerk
13/07/99 - 04/08/99

In 1999, we will lay out our depots that we are to use during our 2000 expedition. Furthermore we will start our preparation and training at the end of 1999 in Qaanaaq. Detailed plans will be sent later.

The inland ice with pulkas '99
Sjur Mørdre
03/08/99 - 05/09/99
The purpose with the expedition is to carry through a crossing with pulkas and sail. The expedition will bring along ski sail and after the ascent from Isortoq, the course is set for Dye II. From there, the course is set for height 660 east of Kangerlussuaq. From there walk to Kangerlussuaq.

Across Greenland -99
Ingerid Bøyum Aase
01/08/99 - 06/09/99

The purpose with "Across Greenland - 99" is to cross the inland ice on ski. An important part of the planning is that we are to do the planning ourselves, ie. to prepare ourselves physically, to catch up with the necessary knowledge, to prepare food and suitable equipment etc. We must carry with us all the necessary food in a pulka as well as the necessary equipment to help up and down the glacier by own means. We are all very experienced from short and long trips and we find that crossing Greenland is very speccially. We wish to experience the Greenlandic nature and the challengers gven to us.

Goodman East Greenland Expedition 1999
Dougal Goodman
United Kingdom
31/07/99 - 22/08/99

This is not a scientific edpedition but Dr Dougal Goodman has a research interest in the mechanical properties of ice and will be photograping the ice features. Mrs Penelope Goodman will be observing periglacial phenomena and Arctic vegetation for teaching purposes and aledander goodman will be undertaking a simple geographical project for his A level Geography examination.

1999 British Schweizerland Expedition
Al Powell
United Kingdom
28/07/99 - 22/08/99

We plan to make the 1st ascent of the S Face of Rodebjerg and climb a new route on the S face of Tupilak + explore other big walls at the head of the 16th September Glacier.

Across Greenland '99
Frederic Bille
26/07/99 - 27/08/99

We plan to cross the inland ice on telemark skies, pulling everything we ned to complete this tour in our pulks (sledges).. our expedition will start around Isortoq and almost follow the Arctic Circle.all the way to Kangerlussuaq. Our aim is to discover fantastic landscapes, to feel the unlimited wil derness and at the same time to share an unforgettable experience. We will in no word attempt to make an especially quick crossing. We would like to live a new adventure in our favourite element.

British North East Greenland Project
Clavering Island Expedition 1999

M.J. Lea
United Kingdom
25/07/99 - 25/08/99

This expedition is primarily a sports expedition. However, on our 1998 expedition we reported pods of narwhals in Gael Hamkes Bugt and the Godthåb Golf. Over 50 narwhals were seen on three separate days moving east between the south coast of Clavering Island and the Finch islands. We would like to repeat these observations and make a better assessment of the number of narwhals and their routes, and make video and sound recordings of them. Mike Lea is a member of the UK Wildlife Sounding Society and all recordings would be deposited in the UK National Sound Archive, who are advising us on suitable hydrophones.

British Tangent Lindbergh Fjelde Greenland Expedition 1999
Paul H. Walker
United Kingdom
24/07/99 - 12/08/99

Ski touring, climbing and mountaineering
To make ascents of unclimbed mountains
To explore the unnamed glaciers of the Lindbergh fjelde mountains.

Expedition to Clavering Island
Simon Fraser
Arcturus Expeditions Ltd
P.O. Box 850
Alexandria, Dunbartonshire G83 8RL
22/07/99 - 19/08/99
Camping and walking in the area. The group will study natural history, especially collecting observations of birds and plants. Archaeological sites will be sketched and photographed. All records will be submitted to the authorities.
We hope to reach Eskimonaes and also cross to the mainland.
The use of huts at Revet and Eskimonaes has been approved by Commander Palle Norit

Kayak expedition 1999
Torben Brus
Bolskovvej 6, Vitved
DK-8660 Skanderborg
20/07/99 - 03/09/99
This kayak expedition is a sports expedtion with the purpose of getting an experience of nature.

Expedition Greenland
Ulrik Vedel
Far Out Expeditions
P.O. Box 1136
Chickaloon, AK 99764
15/07/99 - 1/08/99
In 1989, four Danes carried out a sea kayak expedition from Daneborg to Mestersvig. Three of them was former members of the Sirius Sledge Patrol and a Swedish photograper. This expedition was the beginning of kayak expeditions carried out along the eastcoast during the past ten years. Most of them have been arranged by Olaf Malver, the Dane who is not a former Sirius member in this expedition. The area in focus is the fiord system in the buttom of the Scoresby Sund fjord. Undersigned has been responsible for the logistics as well as the practical implementation of these expeditions during the past three years. We have carried out altogether ten successful expeditions and with only few exceptions, this years' members are all experienced in Arctic kayaking.
The idea occured to both Olaf Malver and I in consequence of expedition stories we both contributed with.
A visit to the biggest National Park in the world was a great wish of many of our earlier clients and the trip was surprisingly quickly sold out.

Northeast Greenlandic Kompany NANOK
Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen
Rosenhøjvej 10
DK-8410 Rønde
05/07/99 - 25/09/99
Maintenance of the NANOK-facilities in Northeast Greenland.

Maria Ø Expedition 1999
John Laurence Thorogood
Gradie House, Leslie
INSCH, Aberdeenshire
AB52 6NT
05/07/99 - 25/08/99
The purpose of the Maria Ø 1999 sporting expedition is to visit and explore two remote areas of North East Greenland: Area 1 - the southern section of Ymers Ø to photograph the Cretaceous thrust faults on Rødebjerg and walk in Barnabas Dal and Angelins Bjerg. Then to move base camp to Kap Hedlund at the junction of Kempes and Rhedins Fjord, then to explore, by boat and, the inner parts of Rhedins Fjord and Røhss Fjord - up Skræntdal to view the Wahlenbergs Gletscher.

1999 american North Greenland Expedition A: "Return to the Top of the World" B: Dronning Louise Land"
Dennis Schmitt
2217 Grant St. Berkeley
CA, 94703
01/07/99 - 30/07/99
To explore Roosevelt Range.
Make 2nd accent of tinde in connection with 2nd expedition to Dronning Louise Land. I hope to schedule these 2 expeditions to get a flight split on the charter with Siggi. Some of the members of 1996 expedition will be participating. Because of problems on that expedition I have set greater restrictions on behaviour for 1999. If the participants do not agree to this I will inform Hauge and cancel the application. Arcturer Expedition of UK is interested in the Dronning Louise Land trip. They are a very responsible group and I do not feel the need to make special requirements for them.

Greenland Tiger
Nick Short
1RGBW, Meeanee Barracks
Essex, Co2 7TA
01/07/99 - 28/07/99
To climb and explore in the south eastern part of the Schweizerland Alps before skiing out to be picket up by boat. This is part of leadership training for the armed forces.

Tierras Polares 1999
Ramón Larramendi
Olivar 29 - 1A
E-28012 Madrid
29/06/99 - 10/07/99
A sport expedition with skis through inland ice. A 100 km route from Eqaluit Iluat to Ivigtut.

Kayak expedition Peary Land 1999
John Andersen
Ørholm Stationsvej 11
DK-2800 Lyngby
20/06/99 - 31/08/99
The three purposes
To carry through a photo registration of the entire coast area from St. Nord to Thule concerning an entire historical description of the photos of the expedition activities, tasks and results taken place in the first part of this century. Hendrik Ø as well as Inglefield Land south of Kap Agaziss will be closely investigated in connection with II Thule Expedition, 1916. The expedition will bring along a video camera in order to make a TV-production.
The second task is experiments with satellite communication from 82.30 N (Kap Eiler Rasmussen - Kap May) to 83.39 N. (Kap Morris Jesup) with reference to transmission of digital photos and illustrations on the internet.
The third task is a calculation of the total calorie consumption concerning optimum utilization of resources at expeditions in the Arctic (in cooporation with DTU & private undertakings.)

SKK 2511-Picnic
Dan Kagg
Lokvagen 24G
260 33 Paarp
11/06/99 - 16/07/99
Enter the inlandice from Tasermiutfjorden, skiing the inlandice to peak 2511 on the east coast and do mountainclimbing. Return to Tadermiutfjorde same way.

British Lemon Mountains Expedition 1999
Richard Pash
26 Queens Road
Twickenham TW1 4EX
11/06/99 - 11/07/99
Skiing Objectives
Our objective is to explore the area between the Hedgehog, Coxcomb and Chisel Glaciers allowing access to the unclimbed peaks and further travel throughout the area
Mountaineering Objectives
We propose to climb at least 8 unclimbed mountains as well as others in the area
Citadel 2460 m (68°31'N 31°58'W), Chisel 2 2200 m N 31°46'W), Minster (68°34'N 31°57'W), (68°32'N 31°53'W), (68°32'N 31°55'W), (68°33'N 31°56'W), (68°34'N 31°57'W), (68°29'N 31°48'W)

Trans Greenland unsupported expedition 1999
Lukas Cornelius Grobler
306 Emus Erasmus Avenue
Erasmusrand 0181
Republic of South Africa
09/06/99 - 09/07/99
Manhauling expeditions fill a very important void in Sport Medicine. Participants in Polar expeditions have a daily energy input and output far above the average norm. Scientific analysis of collected blood and muscle samples integrated with daily stress analysis will grant researchers the opportunity to investigate the global impact of such long-distance skiing edpeditions on the health of Man/Woman

Alpine Ascents International Greenland Expedition
Tom Burleson
121, Mercer St.
Seattle, WA 98109
03/06/99 - 28/06/99
Climbing Gunnbjørnsfjeld, Mt Johnson, Mt Kershaw as well as other possible objectives in the same area as time and/or weather allows.

Greenland Expedition of Airborne Ranger Club of Finland 1999
Kari Vaini
Kyntäjäntie 4
SF-45120 Kouvola
02/06/99 - 07/07/99
The expedition arrives from Iceland by charter plane to Kulusuk 2nd of June and continues as soon as possible by helicopter (AirAlpha) to Hahn Gletscher. Then the expedition will ski over the glacier to Kangerlussuaq, which takes about 34 days. The whole equipment will be in eight sledges. Helicopter (SK-61) picks up skis, sledges and tents on the west part of glacier 5th of July. If the melting streams are very powerful, the expedition can not go down the glacier. Then SK 61 does also pick up the men.

Arctic Mountain Adventure Gunbjørnsfjell 1999
Petter Reuter
Lilla Svängen 9
S-691 44 Karlskoga
30/05/99 - 15/06/99
The main goal for the expedition is to climb Gunnbjørns fjell. There will also be some skitours and ascents of other mountains in the area.

British Tangent Greenland Icecap Exp. 99.
Paul H Walker
29/05/99 - 22/06/99
East to West Crossing of the Greenland Ice Cap from Ammassalik to Sondre Stromfjord
Ski touring and using kites for win assisted travel.

British Rignys Bjerg Greenland Expedition 99
Paul H Walker
26/05/99 - 15/06/99
Ski touring climbing and mountaineering
to make first ascents in the area near to Rignys Bjerg.

British Tangent Gunnbjørns Fjeld Greenland Expedition 1999
Paul H Walker
24/05/99 - 10/06/99
Ski touring, Climbing and mountaineering
To make ascents of Gunnbjørnsfjeld, cone and dome
To make ascents of other mountains in the Watkins Mountains.

KNI Greenland Icecap Car Epediton 225 - ICE 225
Lasse Rungholm
Kvægdriften 13
16/05/99 - 16/06/99

A worlds first ever drive across the icecap and between two cities in Greenland by "ordinary" car. As part of the KNI 225 year anniversary celebrations, KNI sponsors this attempt to drive 3 Toyota 4 Wheel drive cars with two trailers and 9 people on to the glacier and across the icecap. The cars are equipped with oversize tires which makes it possible to ride on even very soft snow. This is due to the fact that the shear size of the tire evens the pressure to make it less than the pressure of a footprint and much less than the pressure of the tires from e.g. a mountainbike per square inch. Snowsled journeys Greenland.

Exp. 99
Paul Walker
Tangent Expedition
3, Mill Beck
New Hutton
Cumbria, LA6 0BD
05/05/99 - 26/05/99
Ski touring and exploration of glaciers.
Attempt to find a ski route from Scoresby Sund fjord up an unexplored glacier on the Volquart boons kyst on to the high glacier plateau and then ski to the Rignys bjerg mountains.

Les marcheurs au Groendland
Marc Fafard
4694 Jeanne, Mouse
Canada H2V 4J4
04/05/99 - 02/06/99
Our goal is to cross Greenland on skis and in total autonomy. During the trip we will experience the Ice Cap and its climate. Valuable information permitting us to prepair further expeditions, adapting equipment for all possible similar conditions. Our route, which a starting point on the East Coast's edge, near Ammassalik will bring us to the Due Line the top, the Arctic circle, and port Victor. At Port Victor, we will spend a few days camping as tourists. After the days (3) of rest, we will head to Ilulissat, our final destination.

Skip Horner Gunnbjørnsfjeld Expedition
Skip Horner
2612 Dry Smith Rd
Victor, Montana 59875
02/05/99 - 11/05/99
To climb Gunnbjørnsfjeld mountain
To climb one or two smaller peaks
To ski in the area.

McDowell Dog Sledge trip '99
Michael McDowell
Wolferkamp 27
Hamburg 22559
28/04/99 - 19/05/99
Dog sled ride from Constable Pynt through Klitdal to Carlsberg Fiord further NW to Ella Ø and back the same route.

Trans Greenland Dog Sled Expedition
Mike Sharp
76 Bole Hill Lane
UK-Sheffield S10 1SB
26/04/99 - 23/05/99
2 English people travel with 3 Greenland hunters by dogsled from Isortoq to DYE2 station. Helicopter out from DYE2 to Kangerlussuaq. Greenlanders and dogs return to Isortoq. We want to do a big journey with local people in a traditional manner.

Norwegian Dog Sled Expedition '99
Sjur Mørdre
c/o Hvitserk A/S
Gamle Ringeriksv. 56
N-1357 Bekkestua
25/04/99 - 21/06/99
The aim of the expedition is to carry through a double crossing of the inland ice with dogs and sled. The expedition will carry along 2 dog teams, and after ascent from Isortoq the course is set for DYE II. From there, the course is set for hight 660 east of Kangerlussuaq. The dogs will be left on the ice with 2 persons. The others will go through the glacier fall and walk down to Kangerlussauq. The leader of the expedition returns to the dogs with new members. Then a crossing will be carried out in the same way, but in the opposite direction.

Trans Greenland ´99
Janne Sogn
P.O. Box 1013
3911 Sisimiut
20/04/99 - 20/05/99
The aim is to cross the inland ice - a challenging trip with good friends. All 3 of us have experience in glacier-hiking/-mountaineerng, both in Norway, Greenland and Patagonia. And as we all care much about Greenland and the Arctic it was very easy to chose Greenland. We will go skiing from Kangerlussuaq to Isortoq, with ski and pulk. And we want to spend the last week in Ammassalik to climb/tinderangling.

British Greenland Icecap Expedition 1999 (In Nansens's Tracks)
David Johnson
2 Randlebrook Court
Ormskirk Road
Rainford WA11 8HN
12/04/99 - 28/05/99
The expedition aim is to retrace Fridtjof Nansen's original route of 1888 from Umivik (east coast) to Godthaab (Nuuk) on the west coast. The team will be self-supported. It is not intended to use dogs, air drops or motor sledges. The team will take food and equipment for 30 days with a reserve supply of 10 days. Helicharter will be used to drop the team off at Umivik. Arrangements have been made with Nuuk Tourist Office to be picked up by boat on arrival at head of Amerilikfjord in late May 1999.

GR acrossing spring '99
Martin Planker
La Poza 67
39048 Selva Gardena
10/04/99 - 01/05/99
A crossing with ski and pulka.

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