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Sport Expeditions in Greenland 1998

Sport expeditions about which the Danish Polar Center has obtained information and which have taken place during 1998 in Greenland. They are listed in chronological order below.

For information on how to plan and implement a sport expedition in Greenland, please see the Planning Guide.

G 98 Greenland Acrossing 1998
Robert Peroni, Greenland
Sport Expedition by ski and Pulkas.

Scottish Mountaineering Club Greenland Expedition 1998
Colwyn Mayo Jones, England
A climbing and skiing expedition to the Central Stauning Alps. Dansketinde and Norsketinde will be attempted by new routes. Korspids and its satellite peaks will be attempted. Bolvaerket will be climbed by a new route and the North Face of Bersaerketinde will be attempted if conditions allow.

Norwegian Canadian Trans-Greenland Expedition 1998
Frank Lutick, Norway
No scientific purpose. Just a sports challenge and to enjoy the unique landscape of the trip.

Nunatak 98
Daniel Caise, Belgium
Climbing of Mount Petermann and Shackleton intinerary Drop at KFJ - Knaekdalen - Gregory gletscher - Nordenkjoldgletscher - Passagegletscher - Agassiz dal - Kjerulfsfjord - pick up KFJ.

G-110 Åen/1998 Grønland 110 etter Nansen i 1998
Thomas Elboth, Norway
The purpose of the expedition is to cross the Ice Cap between Ammassalik and Kangerlussuaq on ski. We anticipate to skiing an average of 30-40 km per day. In total the trip is approx. 600 km, which means that it will take 15-20 days. The trip will give us valubable experience in surviving under extreme weather conditions which is very important as we are employed in the Norwegian Defence. Furthermore, it has been a dream for many years, being able to follow Nansen's steps.

K.O.M.A. Tur 98
Gudmund Helle, Norway
We do not intend to cross the entire ice cap. We just want to go skiing for some time. As we do not know exactly how many days we can keep on, we wish to start in Kangerlussuaq, ski eastward towards Isortoq.

The Icelandic Mountain Guides Greenland Expedition 1998
Einar Torfi Finnsson, Iceland
The goal of the expedition is to cross the ice cap and at the Hahn Glacier, across the ice cap and down south of Isunguata Sermia to Sandflugtdalen and Sondre Stromfjord.

På ski over Grønland 1998
Geir Waaler, Norge
The goal of the trip is to fulfil a dream we have had for some years to cross Greenland on ski. "Love of adventure", our great Norwegian arctic hero, Fridtjof Nansen, called it. "It lives in everyone of us, it is our mysterious longing to do something, filling life with something more important than our diurnal variation from our homes to the office and back again. We plan nothing else but the ski expedition from Sondre Stromfjord to Isortoq.

Les marcheurs au Groenland
Marc Fafard, Canada
Our goal is to cross Greenland, on skis and in total autonomy. During the trip we will experience the Ice Cap and its climate, obtaining valuable information permitting us to prepare further expeditions adapting equipment for all possible similar conditions. Our route with a starting point on the East Coast's edge, near Ammassalik, will bring us to the Due Line the top, the Arctic circle, and port Victor. At Port Victor, we will spend a few days camping as tourists. After the days (3) of rest, we will head to Ilulissat, our final destination.

Transgreenland Expedition 1998
Peter Falkenstein, Germany
Sport Expedition No trades"by four means""on skis with pulkas".

Inlandsis 98
Alexandre Masselot, Switzerland
The project is to cross the ice cap by ski, from Isortoq to Kangerlussuaq. We will be unsupported.

British Tangent Karale Gletscher Greenland Expedition 1998
Paul H. Walker, England
Ski touring, climbing and mountaineering to make ascents of mountains in the areas near to Tasiilaq Fjeldhytte and Karale Gletscher. To make first winter ascents of Mountains in the T.F. and K.G. areas. To attempt a winter ascent of Rytterknægten. To survey the spot height elevations of glaciers and Mountain peaks climbed using GPS navigation systems.

Arne Steen, Norway
25/06/98 05/08/98
We are two persons, who want to go skiing from Isortoq in the east to Søndre Strømfjord in the west. We want to be independent and will not be using dogs or help of any kind. We will take with us food and fuel for 40 days.

Ejnar Mikkelsens Fjeld 98
Hans Christian Florian Sørensen, Greenland
Sports expedition. With ski and pulk from Scoresbysund through Knud Rasmussens Land to Ejnar Mikkelsen's Fjeld, which we will attempt to climb. Thereafter, further on to Gunnbjørns Fjeld Base Camp and, if time allows, ascent of Gunnbjørns Fjeld.

Tatt av vinden / Skiseiling Dye II - Kangerlussuaq
Lars Ebbesen, Norway
The aim of the expedition is to carry out two ski sails over parts of the ice cap with ski sail, pulk and ski. We will be flying by Twin Otter or by helicopter to Dye II - the closed down American radar station - ca. 200 km from Kangerlussuaq. From there we will make use of katabatics and sail down towards the glacier on the westcoast. We will go skiing down towards heights 660, if necessary will "kramponger" and rope be used. From there, a walking tour to Kangerlussuaq.

ETT Vest '98
Harald Johnstein Rønneberg, Norway
Airliner to Ammassalik, helicopter to Isortoq. On ski from Isortoq to Uummannak. (Boat from the mainland to Uummannak. Gear and provisions must be pulled by the members themselves. Research or experiments are not to be carried out, unless DPC wants us to do them any favours. It is planned to be a sports expediton only.

Transgreenland 1998
Bernard Muller, France
To cross the ice cap using ski and pulks We will use sailwings as much as possible to go faster on the ice cap.

Norsk Hundeekspedition '98
Sjur Mørdre, Norway
The aim of the expedition is to carry out a double crossing of the ice cap with dogs and sledges. The expedition will carry along 2 dog teams, and after ascent from Isortoq they will be heading towards Dye II. From there, towards height 660 east of Kangerlussuaq. The dogs will be left behind on the ice with 2 persons. The others will be crossingv the glacier and walk to Kangerlussuaq. The leader of the expedition will return to the dogs with new members. Afterwards, a crossing in the same way will be carried out, but the opposite direction.

Swiss Ski-Expedition to Gunnbjørns Fjeld April 98
Martin Fischer , Switzerland
Climbing Gunnbjørns Fjeld, ski-traverses of glaciers and mountains around Gunnbjørns Fjeld.

British Tangent Gunnbjørnsfjeld Greenland Expedition 1998
Paul H. Walker, England
Ski Touring, Cllimbing and mountaineering To make ascents of Gunnbjørnsfjeld, Cone and Dome To make ascents of other mountains in the Watkins Mountians.

British Rignys Bjerg Greenland Expedition 1998
Paul H. Walker, England
Ski Touring, Climbing and mountaineering To make first ascents in the area near to Rignys Bjerg.

British Tangent Petermann/Shackletons Bjerg Greenland Expedition 1998
Paul H. Walker, England
Ski touring, climbing and mountaineering To make ascents of Petermanns Bjerg and Shackletons Bjerg To make ascents of other mountains in the area.

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