Dynamics of Northern Societies
- a SILA and NABO conference, May 2004

In modern times the extinction of the small-scale societies of the North Atlantic areas has often been predicted. Even a brief look at the viability and self-awareness of the North Atlantic nations of today put these predictions to shame. The conference "Dynamics of the Northern Societies" will among others try to identify the social, economic and cultural processes that through prehistory and history have ensured a sustainable life in the ever changing North Atlantic environment. The point of departure will be archaeological approaches.

The conference is organized as a joint venture between SILA (The Greenland Research Centre at the Danish National Museum) and NABO (The North Atlantic Biocultural Organisation), in collaboration with the Beringian Workshop.

We invite you to take part in the conference in the days from 10 May to 14 May 2004 at "Nordatlantens Brygge" - two restored 18th century storage buildings of the former Royal Greenlandic Trade Company.

The conference will be organized in nine chairs within a Norse and an Inuit axis, besides a number of cross cutting working group meetings (including the many working groups already established by NABO, as well as new groups). Furthermore the conference will provide room for poster sessions.

Keynote-Speakers Public Lectures (in Danish)
NN Joel Berglund (Greenland)
Igor Krupnik (USA) Hans Christian Gulløv (Denmark)
Robert McGhee (Canada) Niels Lynnerup (Denmark)
Christopher Morris (UK) Birgitta Wallace (Canada)

Secretariat for the conference:
Danish Polar Center
Strandgade 100 H, DK-1401 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Phone: +45 32 88 01 08 , Fax: +45 32 88 01 01, E-mail:

Dynamics of Northern Societies        – a conference organized by SILA & NABO
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Updated 13 November, 2003