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O P S L A G S T A V L E N  15/4/06


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Working group members:

Head of Office
Thorkild Meedom,
Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

Head of Office
Anders Boye Jacobsen, Danish Research Agency

Minik Rosing,
Commission on Scientific Research in Greenland

Senior researcher
Jette Arneborg, National Museum

Hanne Petersen,
Danish Polar Center

The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation will receive the working group’s recommendations in April 2006

Possible reorganisation of DPC

In January 2006 the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation formed a working group with the objective of investigating the possibilities of a fusion – wholly or partly - between DPC and the Danish Research Agency. The purpose of the fusion would be to create a greater cohesion between the Danish Polar Center’s tasks and the research councelling system. Furthermore, it is the objective to improve opportunities for Danish polar research.

The working group’s findings and recommendations will be presented to the minister in late April 2006. The working group includes members of the research community in general, the Commission on Scientific Research in Greenland (KVUG), the Danish Research Agency, DPC and the ministry.

Senior researcher Jette Arneborg from the National Museum represents DPC’s main target group: the Polar researchers.

You are encouraged to submit your comments on the working group’s objectives and tasks.

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