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Research facilitation

In Denmark, polar researchers are distributed in a large number of universities, institutions, centers etc.. This fact calls for an agency that can assist in coordinating, facilitating and strengthen the collaboration. A key role for Danish Polar Center (DPC) is to facilitate and augment contacts and partnerships between national and international polar researchers.

DPC is continuously collecting information on polar research in Denmark, Greenland and abroad. Using the insight of the overall polar research scene, DPC contributes in close contact with e.g. Greenland Home Rule and the Commission for Scientific Research in Greenland (KVUG) to the development of research strategies, building of networks and to promote research initiatives in the Arctic and North Atlantic regions.

Furthermore, DPC represents official Danish research interests in international fora and partakes in international polar research cooperation, e.g. through "International Arctic Science Committee" (IASC), "European Polar Board" (EPB) and "Nordisk Samarbejdskomité for Polarforskning" (NSP).

You will need a special permit to launch activities in those regions of Greenland where infrastructure is absent, e.g. the vast National Park in North and East Greenland. Researchers, expedition leaders and others are issued the needed permits through DPC which also provides advice and assistance in scientific project planning.

DPC functions as the liaison between the research communities and the Armed Forces, pertinent ministeries and institutions. Additionally, on behalf of the "High Commisioner in Greenland" in Nuuk DPC plans and manages the logistics of visits by the Royal House and Folketinget (the Danish Parliament) in Greenland.