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Take a tour in the Danish Polar Center.... - in Danish

Ground Floor, reception area, Narwhale tusk, Greenlandic sculptor Simon Kristoffersen's original sculpture (styrofoam) from the 1970s and a glimpse of Greenlandic artist, Pia Ârke's painting from 1991
Ground floor, library Staircase, whaling harpunes from 1802 and 1818
First Floor, office landscape, assistant journal keeper, Jette Lauritsen Second Floor, office landscape, editor of Polarfronten, Poul Erik Philbert, and project manager of Polarinfo, Gabrielle Stockmann

Second floor, meeting room decorated for Christmas Second floor, photo curator, Grete Dalum-Tilds, and social area
Second floor, office landscape, assistant photo curator, Jacub Medonos Second floor office landscape, webmaster, Henning Thing and assistant photo curator, Jacub Medonos