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Disseminating information in Danish

Danish Polar Center (DPC) puts a lot of emphasis on activities disseminating information about polar research to scientists and persons with a professional interest in research as well as to the Danish public.

With its 25,000 volumes and 300 running periodicals, the Polar Library is one of the largest libraries specialized in polar literature. The library holds collections from DPC, from the Institute of Eskimology (Copenhagen University) and from the private organization Danish Arctic Institute. Users can search the holdings through the online library database.

DPC publishes the scientific series Monographs on Greenland ("Meddelelser om Grønland") which has been published continuously since 1879. These monographs provide opportunities for researchers to publish peer-reviewed results in a format that satisfies demands on high quality while offering space for large amounts of data.

The report series "Danish Polar Center Publications" is open for publishing workshop and conference proceedings as well as other forms of reporting.

The dissemination of research information to the public takes place through DPC's quarterly magazine "Polarfronten". This Danish-only magazine has more that 5,500 subscribers and it offers short, well illustrated news articles from all the fields of polar research.

Our web site dpc.dk includes a wealth of pertinent information to our user groups. Researchers can browse through an array of offered services, e.g. about planning a project in Greenland. All needed applications and forms are also available online. The web site is DPC's busiest user contact with more than 25,000 monthly visits.

DPC develops web sites and operates a web hotel for organizations and institutions within polar research, currently we host SAT, IPS and SILA.

DPC manages and curates the historical archive and photo collection of the Danish Arctic Institute. The latter collection includes 100,000 historical photos which together with contemporary photos on polar research items form the holdings of DPC's photo bureau "Polar Photos". The historical photos are currently being digitized and made available for browsing and ordering on the Internet at the site www.arktiskebilleder.dk.

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