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Strandgade 100 H
1401 Copenhagen K

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Arctic Environmental Secretariat
Commission for Scientific Research in Greenland
Kommissionen for Videnskabelige Undersøgelser i Grønland
International Tundra Experiment ITEX
Northern Sciences Network NSN

DPC is a service institution under the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

How to find DPC

DPC building on the water front

The premises of the Danish Polar Center are located at the north end of the street "Strandgade", only 300 m away from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Strandgade lies in the downtown district called "Christianshavn", just east of the bridge "Knippelsbro" between the island of "Amager" and the major part of Copenhagen on the island of "Sjælland". Christianshavn is a picturesque old part of Copenhagen with canals and many buildings from the 17th and 18th century. DPC itself is situated in an early 19th century warehouse on the border of an open square.

History of Christianshavn

Arriving by car

Strandgade is the north-south street immediately to the east of the bridge "Knippelsbro". The DPC building is Strandgade 100 H. You will have to pass a small bridge across a canal 100 m before the street runs through a gateway and opens into a square, called "Grønlands Handels Plads". As a visitor to DPC you have free parking on the square. Please notice that busses (weighing > 3.5 tons) are not allowed to pass the small bridge.

Arriving by city bus

The Copenhagen public bus transportation system is highly developed. The nearest bus stop is at the Torvegade Strandgade intersection (next to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). This is located in zone 1 and the following bus lines will bring you to Strandgade: #2, #8, #9, #19, #31, #37, #72E, #73E and #350S.
Please note that as part of the city bus system a harbour bus has a stop adjacent to Knippelsbro (see the map at top left on this page) and connects to other parts of the harbour front. See harbour bus route and stops. (City busses and trains)

Arriving by train

There is no nearby train station. You will have to use the Central Railway Station (2.5 km to the west of DPC). This is also the best hub for city trains (called "S-tog"), regional trains, Intercity trains, trains to and from the airport and trains between Copenhagen and Malmö, Sweden. (Plan the train journey)

Arriving by sea

Copenhagen harbour hosts ferry services connecting to and from Norway, Sweden and Poland. Ferries from these countries call on the harbour within a 2 km distance from Strandgade. (Ferry Norway Ferry Sweden)

Arriving by air

Copenhagen Airport is located 10 km south of DPC. The easiest and cheapest way to get from the airport to the city center is to take the train from Terminal 3 to the Central Railway Station. This ride takes 12 minutes and trains run every 20 minutes. Outside the Central Railway Station (the front facing Tivoli) you may catch bus # 8 heading south and get out at Strandgade. Your airport train ticket is valid also for use in the bus (within 1 hour of time issued). (Airport train  Copenhagen Airport)

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